​​​​​​​Usos do território e pandemia: Dinâmicas e formas contemporâneas do meio-técnico científico informacional

Mónica Arroyo, Ricardo Mendes Antas Jr and Fabio Betioli Contel (Organizers)


This book seeks to perform a critical interpretation of the current Covid-19 pandemic, mainly through the contributions proposed by the geographer Milton Santos, one of the most shrewd Brazilian intellectuals of the twentieth century, whose work remains current for the understanding of the twenty-first century. The analyses and interpretations of the various and complex facets of the spread of the disease caused by the Sars-Cov2 virus in Brazil have as a common parameter the constitutive elements of the current technical-scientific-informational environment, which allow the unfolding of the epidemic in the economy, in politics, in social interactions, in short, in the life of relationships in places.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is possible to glimpse a picture of socio-spatial transformations as a result of this event, as well as to identify the active role that the geographic space plays in this dynamic. With this concern, we have joined our efforts to produce an interpretation of the pandemic that would be inspired by a geographical reading, and that would start from the research themes worked by each one of us.

With this publication, we hope to give a substantive contribution to the field of geography, but also to other areas of knowledge that seek to unveil this serious problem of humanity, which has recently gained even more perverse contours in the Brazilian territory.