It is with great pleasure that we contacted you to announce the recently released book "Espaços de consumo em tempos de Covid-19", organized by Prof. Dr. Amália Inés Geraiges de Lemos and Prof. MSc. Aparecido Pires de Moraes Sobrinho.



"This book presents the geographical contextualization of consumption in the covid-19 tragedy, proposing reflective alternatives and understanding of this issue in different nuances. It is emphasized that it is the duty of Geography to recognize how the new directions of production-consumption-labor, in the context of the pandemic, affect, in different ways, the life of subjects (their body, mind, daily life), according to social class, sectors of society, the production of locations and the uses and appropriations of territory in the capitalist world and at the height of its technification. The planet's current moment brackets not only the relationship of each individual with his or her own world but how that world is interpreted. It is in this relationship between subject x work x world made by the subject at work (replaced man by subject), that the crisis is oriented and, concomitantly, the current demands for a new geographical look at the world of work emerge. This new interpretative effort is carried out in this book, in light of the spaces of consumption in Covid-19 times."


Please spread the word among faculty and students at your institution.



Prof. Dr. Amália Inés Geraiges de Lemos - USP

Prof. Me. Aparecido Pires de Moraes Sobrinho - USP