The seminar Geography and Marxism: the limits and horizons of research will provide a first meeting between three research groups that have worked with the Marxian and/or Marxist perspective in Geography. The event, composed of six round tables, will aim to present and debate the productions of each group, linking the field of Marxism as a method to the discussions and themes specific to Geography.

The groups gathered in this event are: GESP, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ana Fani Alessandri Carlos (USP); GECA, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Manoel Fernandes de Sousa Neto (USP); and GPECT, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alexandrina Luz Conceição (UFS).

The schedule of the event follows below, as well as the links to access the transmission of each roundtable.

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MESA 1: Os limites e os horizontes da Geografia e a Teoria Crítica




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MESA 2: Práxis social, espaço, tempo e território




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MESA 3: A desigualdade como ideologia e representação



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MESA 4: As contradições da prática: as lutas sociais entre a propriedade e a apropriação




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MESA 5: Da natureza à produção do espaço



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MESA 6: Capital, trabalho e crise